Introducing the Article

Introducing the definite and indefinite articles with the use of objects.

It is important with this initial lesson, as mentioned in previous posts, that we handwrite the words in front of the child - a black pen and a red pen are required for this presentation. Have a variety of objects on hand for the lesson:

Have the children sort the objects, then label them.

Explain to the child (simply) that when we have more than one of a kind of object we use "a" and when there is only one we use "the". Then match the labels to the objects adding the appropriate article.

Try not to over talk the lesson, take the child's lead.

The printable available will come in handy later when all (or most of) the parts of speech have been covered, they can be part of an activity on the shelf and some children enjoy building sentences this way.

Article print out in Montessori Script or Victorian Modern Cursive

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