Studying Sharks

There has been some interest in sharks around here lately.

We looked at some shark cards that I found at the Natural Beach Living blog, which you can find HERE - there are some other fun activities to be found on that post as well. You can find more shark picture cards at Every Star Is Different, you can find them HERE.

There was some research and discussion about the parts of the shark and types of sharks.

I have previously shared my parts of the shark nomenclature for free HERE.

I created some great white shark taxonomy cards for an older child, which put all my zoology drawings to good use.

I am offering this file for FREE for a LIMITED TIME - you can find the file HERE. 

We used them with my free taxonomy title cards which you can find HERE.

I also have mute and labelled charts, definition cards and master sheet available HERE. (Note the nomenclature cards are also bundled with this pack)

It was great to see some of my reluctant readers with books open!

Montessori Monday

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Looking at Leaves

We had some excited children make a discovery whilst observing leaves in the garden. 

The children noticed that two leaves connected to the petiole from underneath. These children had discovered something completely for themselves, and were showing intense interest in learning more. 

They couldn't agree on the shape of the leaves so I suggested that perhaps there were some materials that might help with that.

I had some laminated leaves from last autumn in the cupboard that I got out for them to compare as well.

There was some animated discussion about the different shapes and so we have organised a lesson for tomorrow about leaf blades (which I wasn't planning on giving until next term - but follow the child).


You can find my FREE leaf shape nomenclature cards HERE.
You can also find my FREE mute and labelled charts HERE.

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Plural Nouns

I have previously posted about learning the rules of plural nouns HERE. I gave a brief outline of the ten plural noun boxes for exploring the spelling rules.

I have updated the first three boxes that I previously shared, the file now contains header cards for the work, a couple of word changes and are all contained in one file (previously each box had its own file).

I have now made available boxes four to ten at my TpT store. The file for these also includes the header cards required for the boxes as well as cards for each of the spelling rules for easy reference.

You can find the updated freebie for boxes one to three HERE.

Your can find the file for plural boxes four to ten HERE.

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As all teachers can appreciate, planning and record keeping are an ever-evolving process.  

This is the latest version of part of my process - weekly lesson planning. I have created a weekly template covering the main learning area's to schedule in lessons.  .

I hope to write a post further discussing planning and record keeping some time soon.

If you are interesting in taking a look you can download a copy from HERE. The file includes two blank page templates as well.