The Great River

A friend of mine requested a copy of The Great River Chart from our training the other day. When I pulled it out I realised it was a black and white one and quite blurry so I decided to recreate it.

I have made a blank (mute) chart:

Continent Pockets & Research Cards

Today I have been making pockets for research cards that I have started making.

First I have taken thick paper (100gsm - but you can use what ever you think your laminator is capable of handling) and folded each piece about a thumbs space less than half (this will make sense when you see the finished product).

Shades of Meaning - Introducing Synonyms

After the introduction of the verb, the child can be introduced to synonyms. This is a more exact form of the 'command' games the children are familiar with.

A box labelled 'Synonyms' or 'Shades of Meaning' is introduced. Inside the box are several bundles of verbs, each bundle contains a series of verbs similar in nature, hence "shades of meaning" as the child develops a sense of awareness in differentiating subtle differences in similar words.