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A lot of Montessorians I know are reading (and re-reading) this book at the moment. Originally published in Spanish in 1934 it has been meticulously translated and published in English for the first time in 2011.

I have found it to be truly inspirational and I am thoroughly fascinated by what Dr Montessori has outlined in this book, as it differs somewhat to what I encountered in my training.

It is available for purchase through AMI and NAMTA.

Hear more from Kay Baker in the clip below.

Psychogeometry from Montessori Guide on Vimeo.

Essential 6 - 12 reading. I re-read this and refer to it regularly.

This book provides an outline of the cosmic curriculum and it's importance to the child on the second plane of development. It also has an excellent set of appendices, including a scope and sequence and a list of suggested resources.

More 6 - 12 essential reading. Montessori wrote this as a guide for the elementary curriculum.

The first few chapters discuss the child on the second plane, followed by several chapters outlining the cosmic plan "presented to the child as a thrilling tale of the earth which we live in".

The Advanced Montessori Method (volume 1) is also known as Spontaneous Activity In Education. This focuses more on the psychological and developmental aspects of the 6 - 12 child.

It is available to read for free through Project Gutenberg.

The Advanced Montessori Method (volume 2) is also known as The Montessori Elementary Material.

Here Dr Montessori outlines the study of grammar, reading, mathematics, geometry, drawing, music and metrics.

It is available to read for free from Project Gutenberg.

From Childhood to Adolescence outlines the characteristics and needs of the 6 - 12 child. It also outlines some of the concepts that are important to introduce to this age group. Most copies of this book also have an appendix for Dr Montessori's outline for the "Erdkinder" (land children or earth children) for the 12 -15 child.

A great read, Grandin shares a blend of anecdotes and scientific findings to provide a foundation for better understanding of ASD for everyone.

A great resource to share with parents. Seldin and Epstein provide a comprehensive overview of Montessori education.

Excellent book on Sensory Processing Disorder and activities to assist.

The first chapter gives a concise outline of sensory processing and lays the foundation for the rest of the book. Subsequent chapters outline SAFE (Sensory-Motor, Appropriate, Fun, Easy) activities for each of the eight senses.

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