Maths Round-up I

I have been tidying up my maths album and all my digital files, it has been a long drawn out process and I didn't realise just how many bits and pieces I have accumulated over the last five years. So I thought I would share some of my go to resources and some of the best free printable's for elementary maths that I have found.

Story of Numbers:

The Story of Number - Montessori Commons

The Story of the History of Mathematics - Miss Barbara

The Story of Numbers: Great Lesson #5 - Expedition Montessori

Great Lesson 5 ~ Story of Numbers - Discovery Moments

Fifth Great Lesson: Story of Numbers - Montessori Nuggets

Large and Small Number Cards

The Learning Ark
Maths Facts:

The Pinay Homeschooler has some free subtraction table and multiplication table booklets available.

Hope4ME has an amazing array of free materials, as well as materials available to members. Here you will find finger charts, equation tickets and table cards.

You may also be interested in my post on multiples of numbers.

Montessori Print Shop has free more than - less than cards.

Montessori for Everyone has addition and multiplication wheels.

Math Word Problems:

The Helpful Garden has some beautiful word problems for beginners.

I made some Addition and Subtraction word problem cards last year that you can find HERE. (link fixed 27/12/16)

I found some riddle cards for free from Primary Inspirations, they are a sample set from a larger collection available for sale.

Stamp Game:

Montessori Print Shop has a free printable version of the Stamp Game with instructions available.

More on the stamp game HERE.


There are some great cards that match the fraction skittles, along with fraction circles and labels at Manualidades Educativas.

Fraction Nomenclature from the Kingdom of the Pink Princesses for free

Fraction Nomenclature from The Pinay Homeschooler also for free.

My posts on Introducing Fractions and Continuing with Fractions - which include command cards.

What DID We Do All Day have some fraction command cards/equation tickets available to print.

The Hands-On Homeschooler has linear fraction strips available to print.

Fraction cards and labels can be also be found HERE.

Cultivating Dharma also has equation cards for fractions and fraction charts.

Fraction Equivalence Charts from the Kingdom of the Pink Princesses


Introduction to the Checkerboard from the Learning Ark includes a handy printable.

You can find some checkerboard labels at Montessori for Everyone.


Free decimal fraction board at Hope4ME.

Printable Paper:

Montessori Print Shop has free bead chain paper and stamp game paper.

Hope4ME has an array of papers to print including stamp game paper, small bead frame paper, large bead frame and graph papers.

In addition to the printable sheet for multiples of numbers, I also have a record sheet for the 100s board.

Resources of Interest:
Here are some extra's you may be interested in that are affordable ~

Montessori For Learning has some free materials and more to purchase. They also have some special freebies for their Facebook fans including some beginner word problems and matching equivalent fraction cards.

The Learning Ark has some great looking materials for sale.

Making Montessori Ours has some amazing printable packs for sale.

Further Resources:

Math Albums from Cultivating Dharma

Montessori Commons elementary maths

Math lessons at Montessori Album

Math album at Wikisori

The Story of Mathematics website

I will continue to update this post - so if you find something you feel should be included be sure to let me know.

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Poetry Cards

A while ago I created these poetry cards using poems from the public domain for some grammar work, which I thought I would share with you.

These could be used in a number of ways, for example copy work, recital, reading, study and so forth.
For children who are able to symbolise the parts of speech it is important that they practice on a variety of text types so they can discover patterns and see the differences between texts. With poetry it can really open the child to the mechanics of poetry, illustrating some of the concepts making them easier to grasp. This can lead to some great conversations and comparisons.

The poetry file is available HERE.

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Introduction to Prepositions

I shared some photos from a recent prepositions lesson on Facebook
and wow were they popular!

This work is so much fun and you can use any objects at hand.

When writing and working with sentence strips it really appeals to the humour of the elementary children to transpose the subject and the object, reinforcing the importance of correct word usage.

It is also important that the children build their own sentences as follow up to this work.

These cards can be used to build sentences in conjunction with the other parts of speech cards, they can be used as simple single word commands or your children may choose them for spelling words.

You can find my printable file HERE.

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