Studying the Solar System {with a Freebie}

How Small the Earth Is & The Sun's family

Children are often fascinated by magnitude of our sun and solar system and by providing them with pictures and activities that reveal the scale of the planets in relation to each other they can appreciate and grasp this concept more clearly.

As an extension of the Sun and Earth chart I have created these cut-outs of the planets to scale. The file has a black and white master set (which can be printed onto whatever coloured card/paper you prefer) as well as set with coloured planets and a control sheet.

We started with the white set which I laminated onto A4 cards - the initial focus being the different sizes of each planet. I put the name of each planet on the reverse side as a control of error. The cards can be ordered by planet sequence as well as ordered by size.

I also created the colour set, that I laminated and cut out, as a way to allow further investigation and comparison of size, by using the control chart it is easier to see which planet is which with the colour coding.

You could also cut a large yellow circle from A2 paper to include the sun to scale. There is plenty of scope to adapt these for yourself.

I also created a set of solar system Who Am I? cards that the children can use in a group, in pairs or independently. These are similar to what you might use for first knowledge of zoology or botany.

For introducing this material I find it is often best to do it in a group with children of various ages, where the older children can help the younger ones read the question cards and work together to find the answers. It is a highly engaging and enjoyable way to spark interest in learning more about the solar system. They also make a good revision exercise for older children.

You can find the Planets to Scale Freebie HERE.

You can find the Solar System Who Am I? cards HERE.

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  1. I really love your materials :) I'm planning to cover some basic solar system activities this year with my kiddo and seeing these has made me so excited!

    1. Thank you - I'm so happy that someone else finds them useful :) Let me know how it goes!

  2. Wow! These are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!!