Continuing with Fractions

Following on from my previous post on introducing fractions, the next key experience covers the concept of the whole - moving from the concrete experience of the golden bead representing a whole to the red circle as seen in the fraction insets.

The child should spend time labelling the fractions circles.

They should extend this work by tracing and cutting (or colouring in) fraction pieces:

Be sure to have the child also practice all these things with the square fraction insets as well.

Once the child has had a good amount of practice with writing fractions, the concept of equivalence can be introduced.

Once the child has been introduced to equivalence allow them to really explore the relationships.

I have made these command cards (sheet one and sheet two) to complement the follow up work the children do with the fraction insets.

These fraction cards are perfect follow up work that can either sit on the shelf or be used as an exercise to see how the child is progressing with this work. Simply print onto card stock and laminate.


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