Parts of the Hand

Finally I have parts of the hand cards to share with you!

I have kept it as a black and white outline set to be shaded.

The file is for free HERE.

I also have parts of the tooth cards available.

You can download this material for free HERE.

I will also add these to my human biology round-up post.

Five Kingdoms

Introducing and exploring the five kingdoms is a lot of fun in the Montessori classroom.

I choose to stay with the five kingdom model for several reasons. Mostly because it is the norm in most countries, but also I think the difference between archaebacteria and eubacteria is not a necessary step at this point in the child's life. Classification of living things is always evolving and the five kingdoms model is a solid foundation for introducing theses concepts for elementary children.

It is also fun to talk about the progression of this type of classification. The Ancient Greeks began classifying plants and animals, and then later people began classifying things into three groups - animal, vegetable and mineral - until scientists discovered microscopic organisms which changed the way people regarded living organisms.

Making the Material

I have provided the template to make five pentagons - each one a different colour to correlate with the colour codes of the different learning areas. (Note: some people use yellow for fungi whilst others use orange - if you use yellow for geography in your environment I suggest using orange for fungi):

Included in the file with the template is the central card "Five Kingdoms" - you could also make your own by using the template and choosing a different image (if desired):

I mounted my title cards onto the card as not to waste card stock - but if you are making the definition cards it could be done then as well:

I chose my images for each kingdom and cut and glued onto the corresponding pentagon (I chose to cut my images into pentagons - this isn't necessary and is your choice*):

Description cards of each kingdom are also provided in the file:

I know some people like to cut out their materials before laminating - I personally like to cut after laminating. Prepare and assemble, then laminate!

The template file is HERE.

Happy classifying :)

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*If you would like the images as pentagons and are happy with the images I have used HERE is my file.

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