Top 5 of 2017

What a roller coaster of a year 2017 has been. So much has happened and changed through the course of the year, both at the blog and in my personal life.

Here I am counting down the top five posts of 2017...

5. Parts of a Stem

As part of the Montessori Bloggers Network 'Our Montessori Spring' series, in this post we looked at the parts of a stem. Included in the post is a mute chart with labels.

4. Essential Elementary Reading

This post lists seven books I consider to be essential to being a prepared adult in the elementary setting. Perfect for homeschoolers who may be moving into the second plane, new teachers or teachers new to Montessori and perhaps a refresher for the experienced as well.

3. Early Elementary Research

Inspired by some conversations with teachers new to Montessori, this post touches upon some of the ways children at the elementary are introduced to research. Ultimately Montessori is the original inquiry method.

2. Back to Basics  - Being a Prepared Adult

Sometimes it is important for us to stop and be reminded of our purpose. Many parts of the day to day can distract us from the basic principles of Montessori education. Sometimes we get caught up in school politics or overthink a situation. Refocusing on some of these key principles can get us back on track.

1. When Montessori Doesn't Work 

This was so hard for me to write, and it sat in my draft box for a long time. I also received some strong feedback - mostly positive, but some negative. It is also my most read post ever, tripling my previous top post. This post outlines what I believe to be the main factors if why Montessori may not work for some.

2017 Thank You's

I just wanted to take a moment and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Thank you for your support, encouragement and words of appreciation.

As is my yearly tradition, I have some special people to thank:

December #MontessoriLove

The final #MontessoriLove sale for 2017 is a dollar day!

If you have yet to check out one of these sales, simply visit the Teachers Pay Teachers site and type in "MontessoriLove" in the search box. (or you can follow this link which has pre-filled the search for you). Each month several independent Montessori sellers put several of their items up for sale, a great chance to pick up a bargain and try something new. Dollar Days are only held two or three times per year, so this is a special chance to grab some items for $1 each!