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I have to say this book has been a HUGE hit in my tutoring studio. Whilst many of my tutoring students are not from a Montessori background I still incorporate as many aspects and principles of Montessori as I can.

I had this book on my shelf to see if it would receive any attention. For many of my students it was a magnet and I am building some of my upcoming sessions around the geological eras and the plants animals featured within each. I hope to share some successes with you in the near future!

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The Second Great Lesson {It's Elementary! Link Up #2}

The Second Great Story (aka The Coming of Life) introduces botany and zoology to the child, and provides an impression of the history of the Earth. The story is told with the aid if the Timeline of Life and is followed up with experiments, charts and stories providing the keys for the child's own research.

The work looks at the needs, functions and classification of different organisms and the hope is the child will develop a sense of the inter-dependencies of these organisms.

As we unfold the timeline we reveal each era to the children, keeping in line with the narrative.

First section of the Timeline of Life

Pinegreenwoods has some good notes about the eras.

Miss Barbara's : this link is great as it outlines everything you need to know for the Black Strip and Clock of Eras along with heaps of interesting details and ideas for follow up work.

Montessori Commons has a story outline with notes.

Check out this great extension from Every Star Is Different - which is always a favourite in the classroom.

Every Star Is Different - Timeline of Life

Discovery Moments ~ Time Line of Life

You may also be interested in these cards that complement the Safari Cambrian Toob found HERE.

This fabulous book complements the timeline beautifully or if you're homeschooling on a budget it could be useful in lieu of.

Fossils, Facts & Finds ~ The Clock of Eras

Little Schoolhouse In The Suburbs ~ Clock of Eras Cards & Timeline of Life Cards

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