Blogiversary Freebie

Two years ago I started sharing some of my thoughts, lessons and materials with little expectation. Since then I have made some wonderful Montessori friends from all over the world who have been a great source of support and inspiration, as well as many messages of gratitude and encouragement from teachers and home-schoolers from all over the globe.

To mark the second anniversary of the blog I am sharing a file that I previously shared exclusively with my newsletter subscribers. I am sharing this for a limited time only (until July 31st 2016) so check it out and if you think you may have use for either of them grab them while you can.

What you will find is a labelled chart and mute chart (hand drawn by me) with a variety of land and water forms to be identified. Derived from this sketch I also created a set of three part cards for the main geographical forms.

Labelled and Mute Charts

Three Part Cards