What's been happening....

It's been a little quiet around the blog lately, those of you who follow the blog through other channels will know I have taken the year off form the classroom for health reasons. I am still seeing my tutoring students, which keeps me busy enough.


I'm having a little hiatus from the newsletter - when it returns I have a new format in mind, so stay tuned. Not into newsletters? Maybe there is a platform below you'd like to use to stay in touch...

It's Elementary!

I have plans to get these link-ups running more regularly, they are a lot of fun and I love seeing what everyone else has to share.


If you are a Facebook user feel free to drop by my Facebook page - I like to share articles of interest pertaining to education, curriculum and child development.


I'll admit I don't tweet as much as I used to - but I do log on a few times a week and check out what people are tweeting about.


I like using Google+ as I often stumble upon things I don't see on other platforms. I really like the new interface and layout.


I LOVE Pinterest - it is a great way to get inspired and plan projects. I have an array of Montessori and other boards.

I look forward to sharing a new post with you soon!