Herbivore/Carnivore/Omnivore Sorting

I love classifying activities! They generate great discussion and real interest amongst the children which invariably leads to new and authentic work.

Classifying animals into herbivore, carnivore and omnivore can generate some excellent discussion about animal features and adaptations and can lead to discussions about the food chain.

There are a multitude of fantastic materials out there, free and paid. For many of my zoology classifying activities I have the collection of animals of the continents cards from Imagine Our Life. I like that they are designed to go with Safari Toobs, which you may wish to incorporate for younger students if you own any of the sets of Toobs. I also like their size for this work as classifying work can take up a lot of space and some of my other sets of images for zoology would take up the whole floor! By having a the complete set of these cards it means I am able to mix and match as required and have an interesting array of animal cards on hand.  

When we did this activity recently I used the animal cards for Africa, Asia and Australia. Depending on your students you could add more or less cards, or have all sets on the shelf as an extension.

I made heading labels with the words "herbivore", "carnivore" and "omnivore" with the definitions on the reverse side. You can find my file HERE.

We had some great discussion about which animals belong to which group - some insisting on doing some research to end the debate over a couple of the animals.

We placed the animals that the children were sure of under each respective heading and put the ones that they could not agree on along the bottom until the children did some further research.

Afterwards the children wrote the definitions in their zoology books along with some examples of each.

Continents & Mapping: Geography Roundup I

As the child on the second plane of development explores the greater world it is not only with her senses but also her ardent imagination which is beginning it's journey to abstract thought.

It is for this reason that some aspects of 3 - 6 work is revisited and is then built upon. Many will begin with and progress through the four globes (sandpaper, white and blue, coloured continents and an ordinary globe).

Here I have collated some of the free materials and DIY information available around the internet for continent and mapping work in the elementary classroom.

DIY Globes:
Making Montessori Ours has DIY posts on making a Sand Paper Globe and Continent Coloured Globe. I would follow the same steps for creating the blue and white globe if required/necessary.

photo credit: Making Montessori Ours

And of course there is this roundup post from Living Montessori Now as well for further ideas and inspiration.

Puzzle Maps:
These are a favourite and are useful for many extension activities. I have searched for DIY versions, so far this is what I have found:

Montessori Messy - by the looks of this one it would only withstand use as a puzzle only. It may suit a crafty home-school though. (And yes the knobs are indirect preparation for learning capitals)

Some examples of extensions for this work include (and are only limited by the child's and your own imagination) labelling continents, countries, cities as well as colouring, painting (with various media) and even collages (teaching and integrating art skills is a part of the cosmic curriculum). Many children like to use these for making templates for later work when they are doing pin maps - they like to transfer the information (capitals, rivers, mountains, etc.) onto their own maps.

Pin Maps:
What DID We Do All Day has a fantastic post on DIY Pin Maps. The post also provides an excellent outline of the purpose of the material and the pro's and con's of buying/making your own.

There are flags for pin maps available from Hope4ME along with pin map labels for the world capitals and flags for the United States.

There are a number of free continent three part cards available for revising the continents :

The Helpful Garden
Montessori Helper
Imagine Our Life
Montessori Soul

My old set was made using the cards available from Montessori Soul:

NEW - I recently created a set of my own Continent Cards

Imagine Our Life did a great post on Animals of the Ocean which includes a free printable map and three part cards for the oceans.

Montessori Soul also has three part cards available.

Montessori Soul has some three part cards for the countries of the United Kingdom.

You can find my three part cards for the Australian States and (main) Territories at this post which also includes some cards with historical facts.

You can find States of the USA cards at Every Star Is Different - although they are not in Montessori colours.

I made some States of the USA cards for one of my own children at home who had an interest - I am sharing them here for a LIMITED TIME only (until June 30 2015).

I would love to find more materials for specific countries like this, if you know of any please be sure to let me know.

There are three parts to this work: nomenclature of the flag, flags in geography and flags in music education.

You can find nomenclature cards from The Helpful Garden - I particularly like these this set as they are generic and not based on a particular national flag.

Welcome to Mommyhood has flags of Africa three part cards along with some cultural materials.

Making Montessori Ours recently shared an amazing post containing free printable three part cards flags for each country of the continents. It also included a file with cultural materials for each continent.

Flags of the Australian States three part cards are available from Our World Wide Classroom.

National Anthem information can be found at Wikipedia. There are plenty of other resources on the internet, but one YouTube video I thought was of interest was this compilation of the worlds most beautiful national anthems.


Free globe, continent and ocean labels from Montessori Print Shop

Longitude and Latitude cards from Montessori Mom along with other related links

Longitude and Latitude cards from Montessori For Everyone

Suzie's Home Education Idea's has a set of cards covering lines of latitude and longitude, hemispheres, etc. These are a fabulous resource.

Compass Rose activity and printable from the Learning Ark

Compass Rose printable from Montessori Print Shop.

Other Resources of Interest:

Maps to Print
Linking to A Little Bird Told Me
Mama's Happy Hive

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