The Great River

A friend of mine requested a copy of The Great River Chart from our training the other day. When I pulled it out I realised it was a black and white one and quite blurry so I decided to recreate it.

I have made a blank (mute) chart:

And a labelled chart:

These are just black and white masters, I intend to paint my copy in the near future (and if it turns out well I will share it).

My friend decided to colour hers with pencil:

If you are looking for the story to go with this chart, or wish to read others to help you make it your own, there are several on the internet - simply Google "Montessori Great River Lesson" - including one from Jean K Miller on a 4shared page. I still stick to the one from my training, but it is starting to evolve. One day, once I feel I have made it my own, I will share my version.


  1. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! I had heard of this presentation but this is the first time I have seen the charts!

    1. It is such a great metaphor - I love how the cosmic curriculum is all about everything having a purpose and being interconnected.

  2. Thank you for the chart. I am using it in my presentation as part of the montessori training course.