Reading Bootcamp - Review

I recently had the pleasure of accessing a series of webinars hosted by Montessorikiwi. True to the boot camp style Lisa has put together a concise series of webinars that are perfect for both those new to teaching or those looking to refresh their approach.

I recommend all three 30 minute webinars, they are all well presented. Each webinar is presented as a slideshow with Lisa elaborating in voice over in a conversational style. A PDF of the slides is included with the webinars for offline reference.

I found it really hard to choose one webinar to focus on to share with you, but I chose the reading boot camp as I often receive queries about this topic.

In this webinar Lisa outlines different reading strategies and their implementation in the classroom. This is discussed in a succinct manner and summarised clearly in a table for easy reference. She highlights the benefits of each approach, demonstrating the practicalities of each and how they apply in an elementary Montessori classroom/setting. I particularly like how she expands upon this to discuss comprehension strategies as well.

Lisa's style is very personable and relatable, and her experience in both mainstream and Montessori settings is evident. If you are new to teaching or need to refresh your practice or implementation I suggest taking a look at this webinar, .

Find out more about these webinars HERE.

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