Impressionistic Charts {It's Elementary! #8}

A big feature of the elementary curriculum is the Impressionistic Charts. As the name suggests these charts are designed to create an impression on the child's imagination. Each chart is the visualisation of a story  - a concept. The images are not so much realistic but rather striking impressions of the concept - this is the age of the imagination, not the absorbent mind.

The charts are not necessarily factual, nor a direct teaching aid. The chart, along with its story, are designed to capture the child's imagination thus making the concept more memorable. The charts and stories are the starting point, fuelling the child's interest to learn more and start their own research.

Astronomic Zones Chart

There are a series of impressionistic charts for various learning areas (botany, geography, history, etc.) Each chart expresses a concept to be explored.

Inter-dependencies Chart 

It's Elementary!


  1. I LOVE the impressionistic charts!

    1. Me too :) I do like the AMI and Albanesi ones best, some of the other companies are too literal in their interpretations (in my opinion).