Christmas Themed Grammar

I have several tutoring students that attend Montessori schools, which is exciting for me as I can do what I love best and do specifically Montessori lessons and activities with them using materials and techniques that are familiar to them.

Something that I probably would not do in a Montessori classroom, and have been vocal in the past about, is themed work. Yet in the context of tutoring, limited time frames and keeping things a little fresh I have let a little of this creep into my planning.

So on my shelves this week I have prepared some simple sentences for symbolic grammar work, starting with simple article, adjective, noun sentences moving to article, adjective, noun and verb and then some with other grammar functions included as well.

I have an older student who is in upper elementary, with him I will use a variety of texts to practise the parts of speech such as a Christmas Carol, a poem and perhaps a passage from Dickens.

These sentence strips will be put into envelopes with the correct symbols included for the student to work with independently then discuss with me when they have completed their work.

For one of my ASD students I will probably use these as copy work as we are working on their hand writing. Too many words on a page is overwhelming for him, so to have small strips to work with will be perfect.

You can find the file for free HERE.

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  1. Wow, just starting some Chistmas work for my pupils coming monday, this is a great idea!

    1. Wonderful! I have used them once so far, but will be using them more later in the week. Let me know how it goes :)