Decimal Breakthrough

As most of my tutoring students are from a non-Montessori background I do not always get an opportunity to introduce as many of the maths materials as I would like. Some materials are adaptable for any setting, others need that foundation from the start to give the child context. In all honesty I have been hesitant to introduce some (maybe most) of the math materials to these students for fear of muddying the waters.

Recently I had some success with the decimal board. Although I did not present this the same way I would for a Montessori student, I was surprised how quickly the student grasped the concept and logic of the colour coding found in Montessori maths. 

The student, who had previously struggled with decimal work, was quick to see the relationships and their confidence grew relatively fast. We worked with the board for several weeks, reviewing some questions from their school work and the student used the board independently to complete some homework. 

I was thrilled with the marked improvement and will not be so hesitant in the future to introduce more Montessori materials for my non-Montessori students. On reflection I think it is a matter of having more faith in the principles of Montessori for all students -observe, observe, observe and follow that child!

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