Introducing the Pronoun

Have I mentioned how much I love Montessori grammar? I am keen to get to the preposition, but I thought I should introduce the pronoun first.

I have read through quite a few different Montessori albums and some have the preposition as coming before the pronoun and vice-versa and some as even having the preposition before the adverb (as outlined in The Elementary Montessori Material by Maria Montessori). In my training we did verb, adverb and then pronoun. I am not championing for a particular order - I don't have enough background information as to why Montessori did the order outlined in the book and I wonder (and please tell me if you know ) if it because it has been translated from the Italian and Italian grammar works a little differently.

Write a long sentence for the child/ren, something similar to this where the noun is repeated many times over:

Be dramatic about how many words there are and ask how it might be shortened.

Cut the noun from the sentence strip and replace it with the appropriate pronoun written in purple:

Repeat the process and ask the child/ren to read the modified sentence. Discuss. When we replace the noun we use a pronoun. You can then swap the noun with a pronoun further down the sentence and ask if it still makes sense, mix it up and ask the children to read it aloud.

You can then introduce the etymology:

In the Cultivating Dharma language album there is a variation on p65 which you could use as a warm up exercise or as revision after the initial experience. What I like about using the sentence strips is that there is a visual element of how using the pronoun shortens a sentence as well as hearing the difference.

After this you can use pronouns with the miniature environment as well as logical agreement games (another favourite of mine).

You can download my set of pronoun cards HERE.

I hope to provide some follow up work on the pronoun soon! (Any excuse to get the miniature environment out!)

Further resources:

Montessori Commons has an excellent outline of the lessons for pronouns.

Making Montessori Ours shared their process for introducing the pronoun.

The Montessori Elementary Material by Maria Montessori is at Project Gutenberg

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