2014 - All Wrapped Up

When I began this blog back in June I really wasn't sure where it would take me and how long it would last.

To be honest I am still finding my feet and trying to balance work, family, life and my desire to share. Some days I feel I would like to start fresh and I reflect on what that might look like and whether or not I would let this stand or take what I am happy with over to a new venue. Other days I feel the process is what it is and things are starting to take shape and I should let things be.

Behind the scenes I have a long list of draft posts ranging from theory based discussion (e.g. Montessori & Steiner Compared) to classification of botany and zoology. Some are half written, some are just two lines of notes. Something to work on in my spare (ahem) time.

I want to say a big thank you to Living Montessori NowWhat DID We Do All DayMaking Montessori Ours, Study at Home Mama, A Montessori Lexicon, The Learning Ark, Rogue Montessori, Vibrant Wanderings and my readers and followers for your support.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.


  1. I enjoy your posts, Lolly, especially your beautiful and meticulous art work, and your thoughtful comments on approaching the work. I went through a similar thought process a couple years ago, when a cascade of personal and family illnesses put all my projects on hold, including a little blog. Now that all's well, I'm back at it :-) If you keep with your project or start something new, keep me signed up! Happy Holidays!

  2. Oh, thank you so much - that means a lot to hear that :)