December #MontessoriLove

The final #MontessoriLove sale for 2017 is a dollar day!

If you have yet to check out one of these sales, simply visit the Teachers Pay Teachers site and type in "MontessoriLove" in the search box. (or you can follow this link which has pre-filled the search for you). Each month several independent Montessori sellers put several of their items up for sale, a great chance to pick up a bargain and try something new. Dollar Days are only held two or three times per year, so this is a special chance to grab some items for $1 each!

This dollar day I am launching a new product. This multiplication set makes a great reference guide and can be used as stand alone cards, a flip chart or made into a larger poster for display.

I have also included a set of mute cards. These can be laminated and children can write on the card with whiteboard marker and wipe off when finished, or can be used with the printable tiles provided.

You can find this pack HERE.

When I first previewed these on Instagram I had some interesting feedback. Someone felt the multiplicand and the multiplier were the wrong way around. With a little research I found that different place in the world set their multiplication tables out a little differently, so this pack includes both variations so that you can choose which way suits your instruction method.

Other great products available this December 21st:

There will be more MontessoriLove in 2018 - stay tuned for details

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