Art Across The Curriculum {It's Elementary! #7}

Art. Possibly one the area's new Montessori teachers struggle most with to incorporate authentically in the environment. Art can be a tricky one to balance because as teachers we are more often than not trained to teach in this explicit, overt and inflexible way.

After reading Psychogeometry it cemented my beliefs about how art should unfold in the elementary class. Art begins with the geometry cabinet and then extends to all other areas.

As with other learning areas in Montessori, it is a matter of process rather than product. Give students techniques and skills as appropriate and introduce concepts one at a time building their understanding and repertoire.

Art should be woven through the curriculum - history, language, geography, biology, geometry and maths. The driving force would be from the child's interest and as extensions of the work they are choosing. Being prepared is key, and I hope to discuss this more in an upcoming post.

The picture above is of my dedicated art shelf ready for the new school year. I have the basics ready for exploring line and water colours to demonstrate techniques.

It's Elementary!

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