Getting Organised {It's Elementary! #6}

I'll be honest. I was struggling to come up with something for the first linky of 2017. I'm really keen to get back to the Great Lessons, but I'm not quite ready for those just yet. So in my post-holiday fog I realised I need to start thinking about getting ready for the next school year - which starts 1st February in my state of Australia.

Planning and preparing is such an important part of what we do, and it really comes down to what works for the individual (sometimes within the frame of a school or states requirements).

I created a little freebie to share - a weekly and daily planner, featuring one of my hand drawn clip art pieces.

I have previously shared my elementary weekly planning pages. It is a simple and versatile template covering the main learning areas and includes a set of blank pages as well.

For those new to teaching Montessori (either in the home or classroom) there are some handy resources for scope and sequence aspects in following the child:

It's Elementary!


  1. Non Montessori folks really have no idea of the vast amount of planning and prep that goes into an authentic Montessori education . I'm always looking for new planning inspiration. Thanks for sharing about your technique and forms!

    1. It is just a whole different ball game, isn't it? And by reading threads in other groups it seems it is an ever-evolving thing and definitely not one-size fits all. I'm always keen to see what other people do and what their process is.