Teacher Wishes

Teachers Pay Teachers is having a STORE WIDE SALE November 28th & 29th - a great time to grab a bargain or an item (or two) you have on your wish list. As part of the sales celebrations I am linking up to Daisy Designs with my Top Three Wish List Items from my store.

Although my materials are aimed for a Montessori classroom, many (most) would be equally useful in other educational settings, especially if your classroom uses centres or inquiry work.

Tied at #1 are the two Logical Agreement Games - these are usually purchased hand in hand, and why not they're a bargain even when not on sale!

Matching adjectives to nouns, or verbs to adverbs, can be tonnes of fun. It really appeals to the elementary child's sense of humour as they sort through the pairs as they inevitably mix them up on their path of discovery. You can see my blog post HERE.

At #2 is the Solar System Who Am I? Cards - these work best for small groups or pairs, but can be done with a larger group.

Just as the name suggests, the question cards have facts and clues for students to guess which planet the card is about. An engaging way for students to reinforce their knowledge. You can find my blog post about them HERE.

At #3 is my Collective Noun Cards - a set of 16 cards of image and label.

I use these with a copy of the cards made into a booklet for students to read and to act as a control if working independently. The blog post is HERE.

If you are buying during the sale be sure to use the code: CYBER2016 to save up to 28% off.


  1. Glad to visit your blog today. Best wishes with the sale this week. Carla

  2. I really like your logical agreement games. My kiddos will have fun working with them in a center. Good luck tomorrow!