Looking at Leaves

We had some excited children make a discovery whilst observing leaves in the garden. 

The children noticed that two leaves connected to the petiole from underneath. These children had discovered something completely for themselves, and were showing intense interest in learning more. 

They couldn't agree on the shape of the leaves so I suggested that perhaps there were some materials that might help with that.

I had some laminated leaves from last autumn in the cupboard that I got out for them to compare as well.

There was some animated discussion about the different shapes and so we have organised a lesson for tomorrow about leaf blades (which I wasn't planning on giving until next term - but follow the child).


You can find my FREE leaf shape nomenclature cards HERE.
You can also find my FREE mute and labelled charts HERE.

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  1. What a fun way to bring nature indoors! We also recently did that :) I love using real leaves, sticks, etc to enhance learning!

  2. These are awesome printables! Thanks for linking up at the "A Little Bird Told Me" Wednesday Link party. You have been featured on the Mama's Happy Hive blog! :) Is there a way to pin your photos to Pinterest?

    1. Thank you - I will go check out your post :)
      I do have the standard share buttons at the bottom of the post, but I have yet to make a hover-button as a lot of browsers now have a Pinterest browser button.