Botany & Classifying

This post has been sitting in my draft box for some time waiting to be finished. I was prompted by my friends request for a plant classification chart (she's just getting started on her home-school journey).

In addition to the impressionistic botany charts, there is also the plant kingdom chart. This way of classifying plants comes after the types and parts of plants (or when the child shows readiness) and can lead into extended discussion of plants and the amazing work that they do.

I have made some title cards that can be used for free form classifying/sorting activities, they are not essential materials but I will be using them and thought I would share in case someone else would like them for their classifying activities:

You can also use them to make your own plant kingdom chart:

I gathered the images I wanted and then printed a 'contact' sheet so they were uniform and small enough to fit on the chart. If you print two contact sheets of the images you can make a mute and labelled chart at the same time. You could also print spare contact sheets for the children to make their own, although I personally prefer to have them draw the images.

Depending on whether you intend to laminate or not, choose your canvas accordingly - whether it be a large sheet of poster card or gluing two sheets of A3 card together (as I have done here):

Green card or green borders are traditional for the classroom setting - the one above is heading for my friends home-school and she requested a plain white background.

You can find the file for the {word} chart HERE.
The file for the title cards is HERE.
If you are making your own chart with pictures you can find a file with the labels for the types of plants in cursive and Montessori script HERE.

Happy classifying!


  1. These are brilliant. Thank you so much for sharing them. Noah will love to work with them.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I actually added this link to a couple of my own botany posts. Great resource!