External Parts of the Body

I am getting closer to finishing this series of materials (external parts of humans) and in the grand scheme of things it may feel insignificant, and possibly nowhere near as exciting as some of the other work to be found in the 6-9 classroom. Yet it is important as it lays the foundation for the internal parts of humans, which comes after and in greater detail in the 9-12 classroom.

The external parts of the body would be the starting point of this work, while the other sets (e.g. parts of the arm, parts of the face, parts of the mouth, etc.) follow this work and the child goes into more focus.

I have noticed that the six years olds entering the class are keen to get to the internal organs, especially when they see the 3D model and how the older children take out the organs and put it back together like a puzzle. Ultimately a lot of this work should be revision, consolidating concepts the child already knows.

I have created three part cards outlining twelve main parts of the body. I have them in black and white and in red highlight.

I have also created a labelled chart and a mute chart to accompany the cards that I am sharing here.

Updated 10/6/2015 - I have taken the time to tidy up the image used for this material, I first drew it during my training, so you can now find the labelled and mute chart HERE. I will also update the three part cards when I find time.

I find a manikin from the art area can also add an extra element to the initial lesson and follow up work.


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  2. thanks you, I am french and I will use it for learn English vocabulary to my children.

  3. These are fantastic, thank you for sharing with Kids Learning Printables!

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