Continent Pockets & Research Cards

Today I have been making pockets for research cards that I have started making.

First I have taken thick paper (100gsm - but you can use what ever you think your laminator is capable of handling) and folded each piece about a thumbs space less than half (this will make sense when you see the finished product).

I then printed out continent pictures to glue on to the front of each pocket, I have used the free continent cards from The Helpful Garden.

Once each continent picture is glued onto the front of each pocket we are ready to laminate!

I used one A4 pouch per pocket to be sure there would be enough laminate around the perimeter of each one.

I trim the excess off before making the crucial incision that makes the pocket.

Now when I make the cut I leave a good half inch from each side. I very carefully follow the line of the top of the paper that is lower (I hope I have made that clear and if not I hope you can tell what I mean from the pictures). Being careful not to press too hard (you only want to separate the two sides of paper not cut all the way through) I cut the laminate:

The result is an A5(ish) pocket as such:

Perfect for research question cards or cultural pictures (or what ever else!).

As I mentioned I have made mine for continent research question cards, which are shaping up to look like this:

I am also happy to share with you my Australia research cards  :)


  1. I love your research questions!
    An chance you have made them for each continent? If so, would you like to share them? It would save a lot of time for us teachers. Thanks for all the freebies you have shared!

  2. Thank you! To answer your question, no I haven't made them for each continent - we usually use a more general question template that can be used for any continent. I created this one for some older students to guide their studies at the time. If we do any thing similar in the future for other continents I will share :)